What Does Dedicated Server Metered vs. Unmetered Bandwidth Mean?

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What Does Dedicated Server Metered vs. Unmetered Bandwidth Mean?
What Does Dedicated Server Metered vs. Unmetered Bandwidth Mean?

Finding out your network and bandwidth needs for the server should be one of your priorities when setting up a new server for your company or your upcoming project. This is a crucial choice because picking the incorrect bandwidth plan could have expensive repercussions.

When it comes to internet usage, unmetered and limitless bandwidth are different. Around this subject, there is a lot of discussion. What exactly is unmetered bandwidth, then? Is unlimited bandwidth the same as unmetered bandwidth? Is there a distinction?

Yes, there is a difference, is the short answer, but it frequently also depends on the specifics of your web hosting plan. Server hosting businesses typically use one of two data allocation strategies: those that allocate by traffic or bandwidth, generally known as metered and unmetered plans, respectively.

What Differs Between Metered vs. Unmetered Bandwidth Plans?

Most of our metered dedicated servers at ServerMania include a 1Gbps port and metered bandwidth options with monthly limits of 20TB to 100TB. This implies that until you exceed your bandwidth limit of 20 TB to 100 TB, depending on your metered subscription, your server will be able to send data at a pace of 1 Gbps.

Need a port with a higher speed? No issue; we also provide 10Gbps and 2x10Gbps port options. Request a free consultation, and we’ll work with you to find the ideal solution for your company or upcoming project.

Infinite Bandwidth

You can choose between 10Gbps and 2x10Gbps port speeds with our unmetered dedicated servers, and bandwidth restrictions won’t apply. This implies that, depending on your package, you pay a single monthly price for unlimited data transfer in and out at a speed of either 10Gbps or 2x10Gbps.

You are allowed to utilize as much bandwidth as the server port you purchased allows with unmetered servers.

Understanding Infinite Bandwidth Usage

Normally referred to as unmetered hosting, these plans are provided by hosting firms and do not normally have an upper bandwidth limit on the amount of data that may be transferred in a particular time frame.

There is still a physical cap on how much data you can use in any given month, even with these “unmetered” products. Despite being advertised as unmetered, these packages are nonetheless subject to port speed and hardware limitations. For instance, at full capacity, a 1Gbps connection can only transfer around 324TB in a month.

Many hosting providers bury these facts in the small print, but ServerMania will assign you a professional consultant who will guide you through your bandwidth needs and give you clear guidance so that you receive what you need.

Global Bandwidth Capacity

North America will consume 41% (or roughly 16,300Tbps) of the total global interconnection bandwidth by 2023, which will rise from 4,991Tbps per second in 2020 to 27,762Tbps per second.

Without an unmetered hosting plan, customers can use all of their allotted traffic, which places a cap on the amount of data they can use to access websites and other online resources. If customers use more bandwidth, they can anticipate paying more at a predetermined rate for every extra gigabyte or terabyte.

An unmetered hosting package is frequently a desirable option for dedicated servers because most business owners seek consistency and a large amount of runway for their business ambitions.

The typical ServerMania dedicated server plans have a 1Gbps port speed and offer 20TB to 100TB of monthly bandwidth. For the majority of corporate websites, publishing websites, web hosts, and small eCommerce enterprises, that is more than adequate. But what happens if 100TB is insufficient?

When would a plan with unmetered bandwidth be the best choice?

Unmetered plans can be more affordable and provide predictable monthly billing for server-hosting customers who frequently need to transmit large amounts of data or frequently experience traffic spikes. They don’t have to be concerned about paying additional costs or facing penalties because they can move as much data as they need to. The sole restriction is imposed by the network connection’s and port’s speed’s bandwidth capacity.

Think about media companies that offer movies or huge game-hosting companies that serve a sizable user base. If they had a metered plan, they would quickly consume up to 20TB of bandwidth and start accruing extra charges for the extra data they use. Unmetered bandwidth would be ideal for companies like this.

Metered connections might be the best option for medium-sized publishers, e-commerce companies, and web apps that don’t necessarily need to scale but need to store and process a certain amount of data online each month.

In terms of hosting, bandwidth utilization cannot be understated. You should think about unmetered dedicated servers to prevent poor site performance and visitor experience. This will make it possible for your company to grow without any hiccups.

Most websites can use limited bandwidth right away. An unmetered plan, however, becomes advantageous as website traffic increases. You won’t have to be concerned about unforeseen extra costs at the end of each month if you have an unmetered dedicated server.

The negative effects of having metered bandwidth

With additional clients, think about the effects of having metered bandwidth:

  • Website traffic jams
  • loaded up servers
  • unused resources, such as port speed
  • Web pages load slowly
  • Benefits of a plan with unlimited bandwidth

Clients using server hosting services that might profit from unmetered plans include:

  • Game servers that must support numerous games running simultaneously with extremely little delay.
  • Media companies that broadcast audio and video to huge audiences.
  • News media websites, blogs, and online shops receive a lot of daily traffic.
  • Companies that store and distribute a lot of data on their servers.

Solutions for Cheap Small Business Hosting

Some hosting providers offers a variety of metered and unmetered bandwidth options for our small business servers since our small business hosting plans are made to provide our customers with the most affordable infrastructure solutions.

Numerous businesses rely on us to process, store, and protect their data. To process data and transactions in real-time, many of the largest sectors need both high bandwidth and high network rates. We offer a wide range of hosting and bandwidth choices for our dedicated servers.

Many sectors have benefited from our dependable service, security, and customer support thanks to our global network of data centers.


We are aware that choosing servers, processors, apps, and bandwidth can be difficult and frequently calls for a similarly difficult solution. Thankfully, ServerMania has a team of professionals who can help you with every stage of the procedure.

Book a free consultation right away to get started learning more about our selection of dedicated and hybrid hosting solutions.



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