What is Hosting on a LiteSpeed Web Server?

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Different web host servers operate in various ways. Even fewer of them are designed to meet the needs of the user. These web hosting servers vary slightly from one another. For all of your hosting requirements, we advise using ServerMania’s cloud server hosting services. Let’s now get started with LiteSpeed Web Server Hosting, one of the most important instruments in the sector.

Like a speed bomb, LiteSpeed Web Server Hosting will increase the speed at which your website loads. We’re going to deconstruct it into less technical terms to gain a better grasp.

Your browser sends a request to a server when you visit a website, and the server responds by serving the web pages you requested. Imagine ordering meals from a restaurant and having them brought to your table after telling the server what you want. LiteSpeed is one of the extremely effective web servers that deliver the content of your website at breakneck speed.

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To better comprehend LiteSpeed Web Server Hosting and discover why it’s fantastic for developers and their online experience, let’s break this down into smaller headings. In this tutorial, we’ll describe what it is and how to utilize it.

Web servers: what are they?

It would help if you first comprehended what a web server is in order to comprehend how it functions. Let’s briefly explore web servers before moving on to the topic of Litespeed shared web hosting. Web servers are composed of hardware and software that transmit and process client requests across the World Wide Web (WWW) using the HTTP protocol and other protocols.

Web servers all rely on the internet’s WWW protocol in reality. For file transfers, email transmission, and storage, web servers also offer SMTP and FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Do you still need to learn how this web server system functions? Learn more about setting up a web server.

Consider a website’s web server as a restaurant. You enter a restaurant, take a seat at a table, and anticipate getting the precise food you ordered. Basically, the WWW protocol moves through the virtual equivalent of a restaurant when you type a web address into your browser, such as “www.servermania.com,” and brings your order forward to the front end page. On your cloud server, have a look at how to set up a new environment.

Web server hardware allows you to share data with other devices and connects your website to the internet. Web server software, on the other hand, manages how visitors can access the files that are hosted on your website. The client and server concept is well-illustrated by the web server operation.

Does web server software need to be installed on every computer hosting a website? It is significant. In a nutshell, web servers are the foundation of web hosting. They manage all the data for websites and web applications, which are applications that run on the web. 

The components that guarantee you see the website you want on the front end are similar to web servers. Let’s now examine how LiteSpeed might improve this procedure.

LiteSpeed Hosting: What is it?

In the realm of web servers, LiteSpeed hosting companies are the hottest commodities. It is a piece of software that quickly and effectively delivers webpages (albeit not quite as quickly as ServerMania cloud server hosting). One of the most well-liked web servers, LiteSpeed has an excellent operating system that outperforms Apache’s.

Consider yourself in a busy coffee shop where the barista is making each customer’s coffee carefully and one at a time. Some web servers operate in this manner, uploading web pages to users one at a time, which may cause your website to load slowly.

It provides simultaneous service to several web pages because of its sophisticated technology. As a result, your website loads more quickly, and your visitors don’t have to wait impatiently for your content to load.

For websites, LiteSpeed is comparable to the upgrade you give your server to make it run more quickly. It is a free beginning program made to enhance a website’s functionality and make everything go more quickly and smoothly. LiteSpeed is a fantastic alternative if you want your website to load quickly and keep visitors pleased. Before you begin, consider how much it will cost to hire a server.

LiteSpeed Web Hosting Services Features

After getting to know LiteSpeed, let’s look at why it differs from other web servers. It comes with some cool features.

Performance Advantages

The effectiveness and stability of LiteSpeed servers are their main advantages. LiteSpeed is streamlined by event-driven design, which increases performance and stability. While using less CPU and memory, the system can manage multiple consumers at once. In most cases, LiteSpeed web hosting servers can accommodate more users than anticipated, handle sudden surges in website traffic, and even DDoS attacks without the need for additional hardware. LiteSpeed is event-driven, whereas Apache is process-based. The following is the main distinction. Apache processes requests quickly and effectively, making the most of available resources. With fewer processes, LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) supports a large number of connections.

Performance of dynamic content

The LiteSpeed web server can be utilized using a server-side API known as the LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface (LASPI). It offers the most dynamic content and excellent performance, which is tailored for servers and communications with third-party applications. The application programming interface for LiteSpeed Server is open source. PYTHON, PHP, and RUBY ON RAILS are all scripting languages that work with the LiteSpeed Server Application Programming Interface.

Friendly to users and compatible with ecosystems 

No matter what platform your website is built on—WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or another—LiteSpeed works well with it. It is superior to other web servers and the quickest WordPress host. It works with a variety of web apps. Because the LiteSpeed web server has an intuitive user interface, you don’t need a Ph.D. in computer science to utilize it. Since everyone accesses the internet through a smart device, LiteSpeed optimizes your website for mobile users to give them the best possible browsing experience.

Security and Protection 

For optimal performance and ongoing user data safety, LiteSpeed has made security system improvements to its web servers throughout time. The Apache server security features built-in anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) capabilities and can be used with mod_security. The extremely secure web server is also Atomicorp Realtime ModSecurity compliant and receives frequent security upgrades for any potential new threats.

cPanel server Litespeed use instructions

A web server program called LiteSpeed can significantly increase the speed of your website. It’s easier to use on a cPanel server than you might imagine. Depending on the requirements and particular server setup, some considerations can be necessary. Ask a professional or the support staff at your cloud server hosting provider for assistance if you feel uncomfortable configuring LiteSpeed on your own.

1. Ensure Compatibility.

Ensure that your server complies with LiteSpeed’s specifications. Make sure your version of cPanel is compatible with it. Additionally, make sure your server has enough CPU and RAM for LiteSpeed.

2. Obtain LiteSpeed

Create a hosting account, buy a LiteSpeed plan, or utilize OpenLiteSpeed, which is free. The installer can be downloaded after you have it. For further details, look at the plan and price section.

3. Installing LiteSpeed

SSH to your server by using a program like PuTTY. Run the installation by going to the directory where it is located. You ought to get installation instructions from it.

Configuring Litespeed in Step 4

After installation, LiteSpeed has to be configured. Through a web-based control panel offered by LiteSpeed, you can accomplish this. It assists you in setting up things like domains, virtual hosts, and SSL certificates and is user-friendly.

Changing from Apache to Litespeed in Step 5

The web server that is used by default in cPanel is Apache. It would be best if you changed it to LiteSpeed. There is frequently a capability to automatically transition from Apache to LiteSpeed in the LiteSpeed control panel. Just adhere to the directions.

Test Your Websites in Step 6

Make sure all of your websites are operational after the migration. Verify your specific setups, links, and URLs. To make sure everything is going smoothly, this is essential.

Step 7: LiteSpeed hosting server optimization

There are many optimization features in LiteSpeed. You can enable various performance-improving features, modify security settings, and configure caching. To make these adjustments, look through the control panel.

Step 8: Continual Upkeep

Maintain LiteSpeed’s most recent update to take advantage of enhancements and security patches. Continually check the performance of your server and make any necessary adjustments.


We’ve discussed a few procedures in this article for setting up LiteSpeed on your server. As you can see, LiteSpeed is a major player in the web server industry. In order to host a web server like LiteSpeed, ServerMania has all the necessary technology, and we can assist in getting you up and running quickly. Consider using the ServerMania admin dashboard to access the server via cPanel. If you cannot set this up alone, you can contact the ServerMania support team. Regardless of your time zone, we are accessible 24/7.


LiteSpeed is it free?

This host indeed is the quickest, and the finest LiteSpeed cache plugin is open-source and free. To manage that cache, you can use the straightforward tools provided by the open-source, free LiteSpeed cache plugins.

Are LiteSpeed hosting plans available?

Yes, LiteSpeed hosting is a shared hosting option that offers users dependable performance at a reasonable price. They give consumers access to cutting-edge features like Softaculous, SSH, staging, and managed WordPress hosting CLI, as well as limitless bandwidth. With other shared hosting services, it also functions effectively.



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